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  • Mathematician & engineer
  • Associated professor at university of Caen Basse-Normandie
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    Univeristé de Caen Basse-Normandie Campus 2, Bâtiment science 3 Bld Maréchal Juin 14000 CAEN
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  • Philippe Karamian
    In charge of master 2 ingénierie Mécanique
    tél: 02 31 56 74 61
  • Secrétariat du département Mathématiques et Mécanique
    tél: 02 31 56 73 22
    fax: 02 31 56 73 20

Welcome to my personal homepage. This page contains information about my research and teaching. In humble servant of Applied Sciences, I put pell mell what seemed to me to be relevant for any curious visitor. good navigation

I havee always had a great fondness for mathematics. Geometry, algebra are the two branches of mathematics which I was first initiated. Algebra is the branch that attracted me the most, but in my studies I had the opportunity and the chance to discover applied mathematics through the mechanics of continuous media. So, I naturally turned to mathematics for applied fluid mechanics, Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, parallel programming, networking methods all through the wavelet then the equations governing the mechanics of elastic solids, which led me to validate two DEA One at the University of Orsay under the direction of Temam and a second DEA Solid Mechanics from the University of Paris VI. I did my thesis on asymptotic hyperbolic thin inhibited shells. After a post-doct on image processing in CYCERON, I finally become a lecturer in mechanical engineering at the University of Caen in the LMNO (laboratory mathematical Nicolas Oresme), where I teach shell theory, mathematics, solid mechanics, methods asymptotic homogenization and C + + for mechanics.

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